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Dermaplaning: Services
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Customised For Your Skin Needs

This treatment is known for providing remarkable results, leaving your skin glowing and fresh. Dermaplaning is a completely painless facial that removes dead skin cells and 'peachfuzz' hair from the face.  Dermaplaning allows products and skincare to penetrate deeper into your skin, promotes smoother skin and there is no 'downtime' following the treatment.

The facial starts with a double cleanse of the face, before a full dermaplaning of the face and neck is undertaken,  serums matched to your individual skin needs are applied and the treatment is finished with the application of an SPF 50 moisturiser.

Clients are able to add in additional steps to the treatment, with LED light therapy, a hyrdo-jelly face mask or an enzyme skin peel.

Clients can rest assured that the beautiful, clean and private facilities will ensure their highest level of comfort.

Dermaplaning does not encourage hair to grow back darker or thicker.

Procedure time: 60 minutes

Duration of results: 4 weeks

Treatment recovery: None

Anaesthetic: No

Risk & complications: Low

Best results: Single session, results are immediate

To learn more about how this treatment can be personalised for your unique needs, please get in contact.

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Get The Glow

LED Light Therapy

Using only state-of-the-art technology, LED Light Therapy leaves your skin looking and feeling fresh. This service is customisable and is able to be offered as a stand-alone treatment or added on to a dermaplaning or skin needling facial.

Relax under the light canopy and let it works its magic by stimulating the production of collagen, reducing the signs of aging, lines and wrinkles, reducing pigmentation and acne scarring and improving the texture and tone of your skin.

Procedure time:10-30 minutes

Recovery duration: None

Duration of results: Accumulative

Anaesthetic: None

Best results: Frequent sessions

Hydo-Jelly Mask - Skin Mask- Enzyme Skin Peel

Hydrated Fresh Skin

A hydro-jelly mask or skin mask can be added to a dermaplaning or skin needling treatment, to hydrate, cool and soothe the skin. There are some skin masks that can be used after an injectable treatment, to aid skin recovery and hydrate the skin. The options for these will be discussed with you at your consultation. These are also available to purchase for at home use.
An enzyme skin peel, is a light exfoliating peel, gentle enough to be used alongside dermaplaning, to remove dead skin cells and further brighten the skin.

If you would like to know more about this treatment, please get in contact or book in for a complimentary consultation 

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